Modernization and upgrading of existent systems

If you need a specialized software that is suitably tailored to the configuration of your existing production line, we certainly have a solution for you!

Our software offers a transparent overview and an animated display of your production line. It assures a high accuracy control of your process and optimizes the time schedule. Any possible errors, malfunction or production delays can be displayed in text or graphic form.

With the modernization of your existent production line you will improve your technological process and quality of the produced asphalt and concrete. At the same time you will permanently have a detailed overview of your production process.

Upgrading of existent automatics


Do you want to replace or upgrade your existent automatics? 


Are you considering about renewal or replacement of your systems and installation of new components?

With our knowledge and experience this is certainly possible! We can provide all necessary components, we can professionally install them and properly maintain the whole system.

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Maintenance, service and supply of spare parts


We stock all necessary spare parts for electrical and mechanical equipment of asphalt and concrete plants.

All our spare parts are genuine, new and come with several years warranty.

On customer’s request we can professionally install, service and maintain our spare parts.

The service team of the company BETAS is ready to help at any time, 24 hours per day. Our intervention time within the area of Europe is only 24-48 hours.
Automation of asphalt and concrete plants


Our software is technologically sophisticated and innovative, but its greatest advantage is that it is perfectly tailored to the needs and wishes of each individual customer.

The software enables the customer to simply set or choose the most suitable procedure for the production of asphalt and concrete. The user can continuously monitor the quantity of added ingredients and temperature in any production step. This way the user has the complete control over the technological process of asphalt or concrete production.

The program triggers a warning at any possible errors, malfunction or production delays. All necessary process parameters are recorded and can be displayed upon request. During and after the process the program displays a complete statistics of the production process. All recorded data can be displayed in text or graphic form.
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