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Betas d.o.o. is a Slovenian company, founded on the area of the former company Kovinarska Krško. The main guidelines of the company are quality of our services and the complete satisfaction of our customers.

The company is divided on separate units that are specialized for dimensioning, mounting, commissioning, servicing and maintaining of a plant. The main areas of our company are asphalt and concrete plants, but beside these we also produce facilities for polymeric bitumen and bitumen emulsions production.

The vision of our company is to become an internationally recognized and confirmed company, aiming in providing the highest quality of planning, producing, mounting and servicing of the asphalt and concrete plants.


Complete support from the basic idea to the production of asphalt


The conditions for the successful construction of a project are profound preparation and planning, selection of a skilled team members and a professional leader.

For the customer it is therefore very useful and convenient to have some help of an experienced professional during the construction of a project. Such an expert has a lot of experience with similar projects, he understands the specific details of individual construction, he can foresee the potential troubles and warn about them, and if they appear, he also can properly react.

The rich knowledge of our employees, the use of the modern technology and the strict fulfillment of all standards are the guarantee for the quality of our services and products.


Reliable partner at your new investments


With the supreme technology, knowledge and experiences we aim to the excellence and to supersede our customer’s expectations.

The main advantages of our company are high quality of produced parts, fast and simple erection of a plant, and reliability of installed electrical and mechanical equipment with very long lifetime.

In 2015 we developed a software that is dedicated to the control of asphalt and concrete plants. This versatile software offers the customer many innovative solutions and is very simple to use.

At the development phase we were mostly concentrated on the requirements and wishes of our customers, but we also considered technical and environmental recommendations and obeyed currently valid standards and directives. The result is a complex yet flexible and easy to use software solution.
All spare parts are always on stock.


The company BETAS stocks all necessary spare parts for asphalt and concrete plants. On customer’s request we quickly replace a broken or worn part and assure continuous and undisturbed production. All our spare parts are genuine, new and come with 5 years warranty.

For some spare parts we offer a special discount of 20 % or more.

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