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Products of the company BETAS belong to the most modern and the best in this branch of industry, since they exclusively involve only the supreme technology. They conform to all technical standards and environmental prescriptions, so that their influence on the environment is minimal. Optimized technology, effective production process and supreme assembly parts assure extremely low energy consumption at the asphalt and concrete production. Machine parts of extreme quality assure very low noise level during the operation.
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The prerequisites for a successful erection of a plant are profound preparation and planning, selection of skilled team members and a professional leader. For the customer it is therefore very useful and convenient to have some help of an experienced professional during the construction of a project. Such an expert has a lot of experience with similar projects, he understands the specific details of individual construction, he can foresee the potential troubles and warn about them, and if they appear, he also can properly react. The rich knowledge of our employees, the use of the modern technology and the strict fulfillment of all standards are the guarantee for the quality of our services and products.
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If you need a specialized software that is suitably tailored to the real configuration of your production line, we certainly have a solution for you! Our software offers a transparent overview and an animated display of your production line. It assures a high accuracy control of your process and optimizes the time schedule. Any possible errors, malfunction or production delays can be displayed in text or graphic form. With the modernization of your existent production line you will improve your technological process and quality of the produced asphalt and concrete. At the same time you will permanently have a detailed overview of your production process.

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